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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 20, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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now wusa9 game on sports with dave statter. new holiday here. merry clinchness to the skins. christmas week and apparently st. knicks blessing the skins with the offense here to dissect opponents, ring it up just in time for the playoffs. i made that up myself. >> just now? >> just now. we saw them front and center on sunday and that he was swinging it as the receivers were spearing them out of the air. they win 25-35 moving one step closer to the playoffs. >> and in that wedding game, you know, everybody would step up. do what they would do to create ways for them. we got it done together as a team. >> the panthers became the fourth team in their history to
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get to 14-0, but it wasn't easy. then the giants would rally as we would show you the finish and why there is some controversy surrounding beckham in that game. it is about to become mainstream. with the plan like this. they would put another notch on their belt as i will explain why in a minute. d.j. dirkin named that guy right there just 31 years old. who is he? we'll explain why those fans should be excited about their upcoming year with your game on overtime with the big show and a lot of skins action. >> always a lot of action. >> congratulates. they are doing fantastic. >> he will not do the weather. >> and better chances for them on tuesday and wednesday to get it warm this week. >> excellent.
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have a wonderful night. game on overtime is next. thanks for watching wusa9.
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coming up next they will prove once again that this ain't no fluke. it's a force to be reckoned
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with. then they do washington a huge favor. as they look to keep pace. the cowboys, they are running out of time. game on overtime as we would split the upright every time, baby. game on overtime is good. checking their stockings to see what gift is inside. not this season, as ting hads may be changing at fedex field in landover. let's get to it, shall we? and that helmet, it does not fit yet, but keep drinking the milk young man as you'll get there. this is how we do it. he was 6-6 for their opening
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drive. i'll take jordan reid. two plays, 84 yards as they are up 7-0. they will get it back. cousins, and he just had a big day today. 6-4 for $1.53 as he was just killing it, just like that as we have seen them use their arm and legs. and the skins with the first drive. 21 plays at the 55 for 14 points. he says man, i need to get things going. meet me at the quarterback. they are going down. on the afternoon, the washington is back to work. and simply uncoverable. meet the last two weeks, three touchdowns. and at the end of the half,
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it'll be 21-0 at the break. somirry ss jackson, but your son is for real. now, desean jackson with the rack. 77 yards, 28-3. the catches for them now 77 in recent weeks, but they get it going late. 60 yards untouched. i want you to watch them here out to the play. what? [ laughter ] 28-10 as they would get that football back. taylor is going deep to sammy watkins for 48 yards. two quick scores. we've got ourselves a football game. 28-17, but the ensuing drive as he comes right back in response and converted that 3rd and 16 to the 50/50 ball to go to cousins equaling the career high. washington wins back-to-back games for the first time. 35-25 over buffalo.
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they have a responsibility they recognize that in protecting the balls, playing good solid football to play great effort and great energy. >> i think that we're starting to get a hang of it. know how to get it as it will be coming together. we need to stay focused. >> no doubt about that hitting their passing performance. .319 with four tds, it's been over 70%. quietly, but another sack, five sacks by the team this afternoon, so they could clinch them on saturday in flail they won on the road last week.
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for the first time since october of last year, check. frank hanrahan at fedex field with more. >> reporter: they have now won back-to-back games to improve to $500, but they did not look like a $500 ball club. they continue to progress those 12-yard scamp as they roll over 35-25. for now they are all aloan on top of the nfc east. >> we want to thank them for their play calling. to put it in a position to be successful as we cannot say enough about the outside and going on and on about pierre. >> the players are making
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plays, we haven't had like many negative plays. when they are players, making plays after the catch. our running game is staying on track. >> a very bad shoulder, you know, like a good take for the first half. to get that to spark them to get the momentum going. like i said throughout the whole game, you know, that is the stuff that i will do for my team. >> the good teams are winning in december. forget that we are 2-0 in september as we need to keep it going to take the streak to the playoffs. >> and how about desean jackson that is showing how valuable he is for that touchdown reception from kirk cousins and jordan reid with two more touchdown receptions as the redskins, they now have a massive game next saturday night at philadelphia. pretty much the division that will be up for grabs in that game. now at fedex field frank kratovil wusa9 sports. >> and that game will be right here on wusa9. so now the rest of the nfc
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east story all season long. the giants have been looked at as the favor to win the division, right? they have the most experienced quarterback and their combination. now, one problem. they cannot close. so new york with the uphill battle that will be coming down the stretch. looking to remain undefeated. oh catch the but watch beckham and josh norman going back at it right there as they did not get thrown out of the game. surprising. meanwhile back to cam. a great throw here and a great catch by corey brown with a nice adjustment in midair. 28-7 panthers. but then eli got hot as he said this is why i'm hot. a little dump off to shane. giants scored 21 straight to make it 35-28. manning back to beckham. yeah, you know me. six catches for 76 yards. and here about 30 of it after the catch. later on you've got that guy.
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to tie it to beat beckham. but the giants left too much time on the clock. the panthers drive it down. the former skin from deep. 38-35. a great game. they ran in to the bust tonight. david johnson, looking like barry sanders right there, earl campbell. with a little eric dickerson as well. 29 carries with $1.37 and a touchdown. one of the mvp candidates. this is why throwing it to brown as they are rolling 40-17 tonight. meanwhile dallas held on as long as they could, but finally on the lack of the quarterback
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outside doing them in. saturday night they would turn to kellen moore who did all that he could. setting them back for years, officially eliminated from the playoff with that loss. let's look at the nfc east standings, washington on top as they could clinch next saturday night. the giants are 6-8 at minnesota, which will be tough. dallas bringing up the rear at 4-10. meanwhile an interesting game in baltimore today where we know that the ravens are done, but they would face the chiefs who are quietly the hottest team in football. entering sunday, kansas city reeling off seven consecutive games, looking to make it a great eight. getting the start. come on, jimmy, man up. it ain't that cold there. he manned up with them to come
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out who would make the catch 24- 14. at the half for the chiefs that are up. killing baltimore with them here as they were picked by peters, who says that i'm not just going to pick it, but i will stick it and fix it and kansas city, they will win their eighth straight 34-14. and then watch peters with a little tribute to ray lewis. we have much more on game on overtime. not just a football day. but alex ovechkin and the caps are skating on a sunday against the hated rangers. when they get together, you know that sparks are going to fly. college football to dirkin putting his staff together as that guy would ink as the offensive coordinator to college park as the maryland fans, here comes walt bell. but first we'll head back to fedex field with the home team
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knocking it down their sixth home win of the season. more from the winners when game on overtime returns.
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like i said throughout the whole game which is what i would like to do to get the momentum and the energy and everything going like that. >> reporter: yeah, it was as they were talking about the big play in the second half to get them going with a big lead and another big day. six catches, $1.53. there aren't many tight ends in this league that are uncoverable. jimmy graham maybe when healthy. add jordan reid to that list
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and duct durability has been questied. >> you're rolling man. what has been the key for you as the season progresses? you continue to get better and the team gets better. >> just staying on the field, man. just being able. >> was it the emphasis this week to get off to a great start? >> as a team you are 7-7 as you finally get over the hump. how does that feel for you? >> it feels great. to not worry about the other teams, but to play hard. >> and a touchdown run with five touchdowns. playing real confident and real
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smart and just making plays. >> and now they have a big game against the eagles to keep this going. >> trust me. stay confident and keep focused. 35-25, dave owens alongside dante stallworth. let's talk about this team and the playoffs. wow, i don't think that anybody was taking that ten weeks ago as i say that it is not about what the team is, but who is playing the best as this team is playing very well as it would start with kurt cousins. how dangerous is it? >> they are really dangerous. there is a lot that will go in to it, but the number one thing they were 4-4 today and last week they were 4-4 in the red
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zone. when you can score and you score points, that puts the other team at bay and that they do that consecutively over the last couple of weeks as you would jump out in that other team to give you a chance to tee off. on the flip side of that, they are in the red zone. that is certain lit difference in the game -- that is certainly the difference in the game as they've got numbers there for you. jordan reid with seven catches. and they are getting their hands on the football, where there is time when they thought they were running on training wheels, which they have switched now. >> yes, they have and that it is one of the bigger things that you need to talk about the growth of kirk cousins.
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and to me that it will be outside of kirk cousins. the biggest chicken. but he is unstoppable when they come back for the game as they were backed up within their own 10-yard line. on third and fourth, they throw that bomb to desean jackson. and a 63-yard touchdown against the giants. that he is a big play guy. defense wasn't great at all this afternoon. but that goal line staying, i thought they would change the complexity of the game. >> they did as you want to make a statement before the half as you want to put points on the board or stop the other team from getting that opportunity. that would carry them throughout the course of the
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second half. but you cannot do that this late in the year. >> that is critical because the bills have got the ball in the second half as that would certainly change. the complexity of the game. finally they would bring us to this coming saturday at philadelphia. the skins, they could lock up their division. a lot of people would say that they couldn't go on the road to win a game of significance. do you feel differently now? >> well, you saw what they did against the bears. i mean obviously they are not a great team. >> sure. >> but at the end of the day this is december as you need twin those types of games, like at this point of the season as they would do it in chicago.
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so i would like to see them do it. >> it is crazy to say this as i don't know if they would have that many teams playing better offense right now because i know that people will say what? but think about it that there are not many teams playing in the nfc than the skins right now. >> he's leading them in completions. if you can keep the ball out of their hands and score points, would you get in to the red zone? >> we shall see coming up on saturday when they try to lock up the division. happy holidays. the first to tell you that. we'll see you later on in this week, but we will catch up with more action around the nfl. the steelers and the broncos, they will make some noise in the playoffs. if they get there with more on that in a minute. getting behind the defense and taking it the distance. for the touchdown. what, they've got a lot of
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weapons on the offense here and this guy is as good as any other in the league. what could they do for you? score a touchdown. pittsburgh will win as they are still in the mix of the playoff chase. texans and colts. not good for the eyes. matt hasselbeck finds humphrey. colts on top early. brandon wheaton in dallas for the touchdown leading the afc south now. and after the 16-10 win. all right, much more coming up. let's go skating, fellas. they dig themselves a hole early as they will battle their way back. we want to talk about
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time for a little payback. it didn't start well. look who is in the crowd, paul mccartney. he is just a skater boy. but it will go off their boards there and he'll be there for the score and the power play, that you know that they will be happening there. they would win 7-3. all right on saturday 9 sports confirms the former head coach has been offered a position on d.j. dirkins staff as we know this that they will not be the offensive coordinator that it will be reserved for somebody else. announcing this morning, the
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hiring of bell. the coordinator. that's what he says under bell. the red wolves of arkansas state would average 40 points per game this season. all right now that is eastern shore right there. 23 points a piece from moseley as they would win 106-30. they'll have uconn coming up. it's tougher.
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the day after christmas at 8:00 as we would get you started with a pre-game show what a day that it was, even they would have to admit that. >> the redskins have had a chance to win back-to-back games as they would do it early, never giving them a chance on this one as they are
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going to get paid after this season for them with four touchdown throws, even ran for the broken play. he had the fans chanting that you would like that and they are going to continue this pace. even busting it out right there, everything is clicking as they need to get back to the playoffs, dave? >> all right, thank you so much. we shall see if they would get paid. but coming up this week a big game. the maryland basketball, skins the day after christmas right here on wusa9. let me be the first to say
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merry christmas b. safe out there. have a great night.


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